Semi Truck Accident Facts and Statistics

• Semi truck accident attorneys represented clients from more than 400,000 semi truck accidents in one year alone, more than 4,500 of which were fatal accidents.truck accident attorneys

• Semi truck revenues totaled $610 billion i and semi truck revenues are forecasted to double. More @

• Fatal semi truck accidents are most likely to occur on a weekday in rural areas during the daytime and on dry road conditions.

• In the last ten years, the number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes has increased by 10% due to fatigued semi truck drivers, unsafe semi truck operation, and large, unstable semi truck loads.

• The percentage of fatal semi truck accidents in relation to the total number of semi truck accidents is much higher than the corresponding passenger motor vehicle ratio.

• Every 16 minutes, someone is killed or is injured in a semi truck accident.

• According to the FMCA’s Motor Carrier Management Information System, a semi truck is classified according to its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Any vehicle exceeding 10,000 pounds is considered a large truck. Click here @

• 64% of fatal semi truck accidents involve a semi truck carrying a single trailer. Only 4% of semi truck accidents involve a truck towing multiple trailers.