Self-Insured Companies can Be More Treacherous

Instead of purchasing normal insurance policies, some trucking companies will set aside a portion of their assets in an account devoted to insurance for when an accident happens. The federal government regulates the insurance company and demands that all businesses be registered, adjusters have licenses and certain practices are followed, but self-insured companies don’t have to adhere to these practices. That’s why these self-insured businesses have developed a reputation for being unethical and impossible to deal with when it comes to negotiations. Many times, if you want to reach a settlement with a self-insured company, you’ll have to work with an official from that company. Since this worker probably gets some of their income from profit sharing, they have every reason to reject your claim. This worker would be handing over their own paycheck if they let you get the restitution you deserve. With their own wages in limbo, self-insured companies will put their own best interests ahead of the plaintiffs and will not hesitate to do things like bully witnesses, change or tamper with evidence and threaten victims.truck accident attorneys san antonio

If a self-insured company has attempted to bully you or harass you, then you need this to cease and that can be accomplished with the assistance of an 18 wheeler accident lawyer. The moment we’re retained, our 18-wheeler attorneys can pressure self-insured companies to negotiate properly with threats of legal option a possibility.

Truckers Can’t Be Trusted

Most of us believe people are honest and trustworthy, but the trucker who injured you with their negligent behavior has too much motivation to lie. If the trucker is deemed to have harmed others with negligence, then that person will probably be receiving a pink slip in no time, if they haven’t already been fired. Truckers who have been found negligent will have a tough time finding another job quickly with that kind of black mark imprinted on their record. When you consider the job market and the economy, plenty of good, upstanding truckers will have to lie to save their jobs and be able to take care of their families. To get the compensation you need, you’ll have to show the trucker is lying.

Our 18-wheeler accident lawyers have learned about investigating and discovering the required evidence that exposes the trucker’s deception. We will ruin the trucker’s credibility with all the necessary evidence that will expose their lies.

Just like insurance adjusters who try to get victims to admit their negligence with all their questions, our attorneys will form some questions for the deposition, all of them meant to trick the truck driver into confessing his or her own lie. The 18-wheeler accident lawyers at our firm have deposed countless witnesses over 20 years and we know how to ask questions just right to catch a trucker in a lie.

How We Can Help

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in an 18-wheeler accident, you need to hire an 18-wheeler accident attorney to guard your legal rights and make sure you get the proper compensation you deserve. From start to finish, our attorneys handle every part of your case and make sure you’re updated on any changes as they arise. Click here for more @

Chances are the defendant has already finished its investigation and case against you. By hesitating anymore in getting an attorney, you’re creating immense damage in getting the restitution you deserve. Call us today to get a free consultation and learn how we can help you like we have countless others in Texas.

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