Hit by an 18 wheeler or large commercial truck/diesel in traffic and suffered injury?. Our Garland truck accident injury attorneys have handled hundreds  of Garland truck accident cases with tremendous success. There are many different situations in each Texas commercial truck accident case which can differ from the other. In some cases, just because the driver caused the accident it doesn’t always mean they were fully at fault for the accident. There could be many different scenarios as to why the accident occurred. Our job is to investigate the case, find out the cause and aggressively go after all responsible parties on behalf of our clients. We have helped many individuals obtain millions in cash settlements.

In truck accidents,  in which a large commercial truck or 18 wheeler has a collision with a standard auto, SUV or trucks, the impact of the collision can result in serious or permanent injury, sometimes death is a direct result of this type of auto wreck. In the event of an injury our Garland truck accident attorneys represent the victim for the following:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for permanent injury
  • Compensation for loss of time at work or lost wages, including lost future wages in the event of permanent disability
  • Compensation for property damage
  • Compensation for medical treatment and hospital care

In the event of a death occurring as a direct result of a trucking accident, your Garland truck accident attorneys can represent immediate families as victims of a wrongful death lawsuit in the State of Texas. Our Garland truck accident attorneys will seek a financial settlement on our clients’ behalf for all of the above, in addition to a loss of life. Who is able to file a wrongful death claim? Only immediate family for instance, a brother, sister, spouse, mother, father, son or daughter can initiate a wrongful death claim as a result of a trucking accident that resulted in the death of a loved one.

Texas truck accidents in typically can have more than 1 responsible party and not the driver alone. As previously stated, just because a truck driver’s 18 wheeler caused the truck accident, it does not necessarily mean he or she is at fault for the accident. Here are some typical reasons for a truck accident:

  • Driver lost site of vehicle on the road
  • Driver was not paying attention
  • Driver was falling asleep
  • Driver was texting
  • Driver error
  • Mechanical malfunction ( if this was due to a mechanical error, the mechanic shop may be at fault)
  • Manufacturer malfunction ( this has to do with the make and model of the truck as well as how it was built)
  • Cargo Company responsibility if the loading company loaded the 18 wheeler with too much cargo than it can haul.
  • The company or employer of the driver may be at fault for failing to inspect vehicle, or allowing too much cargo on board, and can be at fault for providing unethical incentives for rush delivery causing the driver to sacrifice sleeping hours in order to obtain financial incentives

There can be numerous reasons and aiding factors that can ultimately cause 18 wheeler commercial trucks to collide with vehicles on the road. At our law firm we specifically handle these types of unorthodox auto accident cases. Call us today for a free consultation and talk with an experienced Garland truck accident lawyer.