If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a commercial trucking accident in Texas, you are not alone. Our experienced and edicated commercial trucking accident injury attorneys are here for you. We can fight this legal battle for you. In the event of a wrongful death lawsuit, we can also offer assistance in this area as well. In the event of death, only specific family members are eligible to initiate a wrongful death claim in Texas. Unfortunately, wrongful death and serious injury is common when it comes to Texas commercial trucking accident. The truth is there can be many different liable parties that share responsibility and negligence in a Texas trucking accident. These cases are often complex and require the expertise of skillful Texas truck accident attorneys.

In a commercial trucking accident claim, the driver could be at fault for negligence. The cargo company can be at fault for demanding the commercial vehicle to load more than capacity as well as the trucking company itself. The mechanical repair shop could be an at fault party in the event that improper auto repairs were performed on the commercial truck. There will be many small details to sort out in a Texas commercial trucking accident. Our Texas truck accident injury attorneys have worked hundreds of trucking accident cases with success.

Due to the complexity of trucking accident cases in Texas, these types of cases typically do not settle fast. They can last 6 months to a year or sometimes longer before a settlement is reached. There are many costs that are associated with an injury case of this magnitude such as medical expenses, long term medical care, loss of income, loss of time at work, funeral expenses, and many other costs that victims of these types of accidents absorb due to no fault of there own. Our job is to not only recover those expenses, but make sure that you and your family receive the proper compensation that is deserved in your case. Call us today 24 hours a day and talk with an experienced Texas commercial truck accident attorney.

Statewide Representation

Our team of Texas truck injury attorneys represents victims and families of victims throughout the great State of Texas. Our law offices are open 24 hours a day and we operate many different law offices in Texas. If you are not able to make it into the office for a consultation, our Texas truck accident attorneys can come to you. We intend to proudly serve our clients and go the extra mile with each case.

Trucking Accidents

Our legal team has handled hundreds of trucking accident cases with much success in Texas. Trucking accidents are very different from your typical auto accident. There are many different parties who can share the blame in a trucking accident which can make the case that much more complex. This is why you must talk with an expert Texas truck accident lawyer. Not every personal injury lawyer is skilled enough to help you.

Hire An Expert Attorney

Only an expert Texas trucking accident injury attorney can take on your truck accident case and challenge all responsible parties. These types of cases can be lengthy, drawn out and in the event of wrongful deaths very emotional for the plaintiffs in the case. We deal with the complexity of these types of cases on a daily basis. Our Texas trucking accidents understand the laws and can protect your rights.